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The Department of Nephrology at NM Hospital offers top-notch medical services to conquer the wide spectrum of adult and paediatric kidney diseases. We analyse the root causal factor of the disorder; indulge in pre-operative evaluation, dialysis support and complete post-operative care by channelizing our efforts to prohibit the chance of recurrence.

We provide an array of path-breaking services coupled with unbridled quality care, guidance and hope. To augment our services better, we have our service units equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure. Some of the noteworthy ones are as follows:

An ultra-modern unit of Renal Dialysis - accommodates 30 dialysis stations and caters to an average of 1600 dialysis sessions, which include hemodiafiltration services for a select group of patients

Hypertension Care Unit - inclusive of Renal Angioplasty - includes an array of treatment options that specifically target hypertension-related kidney diseases

Chronic Kidney Disease Unit - focuses on prolonged healthy kidney function while ensuring minimal disruption in the patient’s everyday lifestyle

Glomerular Unit - concentrates on the provision of a systematic approach to diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the filtering apparatus of the kidneys

Stone Unit - deals with diverse types of renal stones, which has become one of the insurgent complications among the growing population

Transplantation Unit - deals with kidney transplantation and care of patients post-transplant. We also perform un-matched transplantation (ABO-incompatible), second transplantation with all necessary blood purification processes like plasma exchange.

Critical Care Nephrology - deals with critically ill patients with kidney involvement. These people need utmost care that may include advanced dialysis modalities like CRRT or HDF

Peritoneal Dialysis Program - includes peritoneal dialysis catheter placement and taking care of acute and chronic dialysis requiring patient population

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