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The spine is one of the most essential organs of the human body. Without it, one cannot keep oneself upright or even stand up. It facilitates easy movement and flexibility.

Issues with the spine can cause extreme distress in the daily functionality of a human being. It affects daily routine, involving minor movements. Hence, keeping one’s spine healthy is vital to lead an active life.

Our Department of Spine Surgery is a world-renowned department having comprehensive experience in handling an array of complex spinal disorders that have afflicted discomfort in the life of paediatric and adult patients.

We are the pioneers in endoscopic spine surgeries including Endoscopic Percutaneous Transformational discectomy which is a stitchless surgery under local anaesthesia. Endoscopic Spine fusion surgeries are performed in our centre thus expanding the scope of endoscopy even for spine instabilities. Apart from endoscopy, minimally invasive spine surgeries (MISS) are performed in our centre with precision & accuracy and unmatchable success rates.

All kinds of spine surgeries from traumatic spine fractures to complex deformity corrections are performed with precision.

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